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August 7, 2018

Move Fast

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Are you familiar with the expression “trust your instincts”? If the right thing to do is to trust our instincts, then why do we hesitate so much when it comes to taking action?

Lets discuss moving fast when committing to decisions you have already made. 

It is scientifically proven that the urge to act fades away the longer we wait to take action. This happens because we have more time to come up with excuses and try to rationalize our behavior. This is due to our brains are that are hardwired to seek comfort and reject uncertainty, so our brains work overtime to eliminate spontaneous urges. So, if there is something you want to try, or a courageous act you want to pursue, you are more likely to follow through and do it if you move fast.

Hesitation is the enemy in this scenario because it gives us more time to overthink things, when our gut instinct is telling us what we want to do. Trust your instincts and do it. This concept is demonstrated in one of my favorite quotes, “Don’t pump fake the money shot”, which is all about failing to act in the big moment. 

So, one way to move fast is to develop a starting ritual when you feel a moment of hesitation. This ritual can be a form of self-talk, like a motivating affirmation.  Alternatively, it could be a breathing pattern, a nice stretch, or even a clap. Think about which of these options seems most realistic in your life, and try it the next time you feel some hesitation.

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