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April 19, 2022

Mood Follows Action

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I feel like we’ve kind of got it backwards. Many people wait to feel a certain way to do a certain thing. You go and get a workout in when you feel energized. You make the difficult phone call, or string of sales calls when you feel confident. When you feel inspired you put yourself out there because there’s nothing that matters more than realizing your mission. It makes sense but let’s be honest here — How often do you naturally feel motivated or energized or inspired? Probably not as often as you’d like.

Like I said, we’ve got this backwards so let me flip this for you.

How often do you feel motivated when you’re working on something that you care about? How often do you feel energized when you’re in the middle of your workout? How often do you feel inspired after you have that light bulb moment? Just about every time!

You see, in all of those last examples what happened first is you took action and that influenced the way you felt. This is the more common and predictable order of operations — Mood follows action.

That means, when you don’t feel like doing something, starting to do it will make you feel like doing it. Your behavior works as a trigger to put you in the headspace you need to be in to execute the task. But if you wait to feel a certain way to take action, well it might not happen at all. And when that happens it leads to disappointment, self-judgment, and feelings of being stalled because you don’t do the things you want to do. You just can’t bring yourself to doing them.

This is something I’m really passionate about, and if you feel like this has affected you, I’d like to support you with it. I’ve created a program called the Better Habits Playbook that is designed to help you consistently take action on the things that are most important to you, even when you don’t feel like it.

Consistency is key and I’ve laid out a step by step plan so that you can be more consistent, disciplined, and ultimately set new limits for yourself and what you thought was possible. If this sounds like something you could benefit from, don’t hesitate. Fortune favors the bold!

Take your baseline habits to the next level at https://grow.selfimprovementdailytips.com/the-better-habits-playbook

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