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January 9, 2020

"Make your happiness a priority."

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This quote is actually more difficult than it sounds. The key factor to that is you have to make your happiness a priority. 

I am so guilty of this… I have always been the person to put the well-being of the group ahead of my own because that’s what I tell myself I value. Yes, there’s some real truth to that, your happiness can be driven by the happiness of someone else. Ask any parent about that and they could tell you. What’s important to think about today is that trade-off between doing what makes you happy and doing what helps other people be happy that indirectly contributes to your happiness.

In my opinion, the first step is to pick apart your priorities and your happiness. Write down the first thing your gut tells you. Then, ask yourself “why” and write down the next thought until you stumble upon something concrete. If you don’t find what makes you happy, you’re likely to find the root of what’s making you unhappy.

Once you’ve done that, we’re on to the second part. Make it a priority. If you want anything to happen, you need to design it into your life. For example, if you like golfing, then allocate time in your day to do it. If you enjoy feeling productive, then hash out a good morning routine. If you like looking good, then schedule time to exercise. I get it, the means necessary to accomplish the goal isn’t always enjoyable, but that’s when your why needs to be larger than your how. Whatever it is that makes you happy, there’s nothing wrong with that! Embrace it and make sure you’re getting enough of it.

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