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August 1, 2023

Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors

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You’ve probably heard the expression “work smarter not harder” before. At its core, the advice in the expression is that there are higher leverage ways to pursue things to get the same results with less. In other words it is always possible to do things better while making them easier to do.

In our personal development we’re constantly looking for better in the form of ‘life hacks’ and ‘time-savers’. While there’s no single thing that will cause you to live a wildly fulfilling life, there are certainly things you can do to make your life much better when you implement them.

These are the little hinges that swing big doors.

If you want to make massive moves in your life, sometimes it’s as simple as focusing on the little hinge that controls the door and has the power to make it move.

The reason this works is because a hinge creates leverage. The definition of leverage is “to use something to its maximum advantage”. It’s to be intentional about how you take action in your life so that you are working smarter and not harder, maximizing the amount of output for the amount of input. 

There are ways to create leverage in your life, which are ways to create more little hinges that swing big doors. The first is by structuring your environment. When you change your environment around you it changes the influence you feel on a moment by moment basis. This is why accountability, goals, gamification, and clarity are so influential in your behavior. These are high-leverage things you can do to make action-taking easier to do.

Then the second way to create leverage is to build systems. A system is a reproducible process you can use to achieve a certain result. The great part is, once you’ve invested in building the system, it works for you and you begin to achieve the desired result on autopilot.

Now if you’re looking for the one little hinge that swings the biggest door in your personal development, read this closely.

I call it your Keystone Habit. It's the one small thing you can do that impacts your success in every area of your life. This one habit becomes your new Self Improvement Operating System, which includes everything I just described - Helping you craft a fully-intentional environment that supports your goals and a gives you a step-by-step system to improve anything about your life.

The only reason you don’t have this in place yet is because you haven’t put in the work to install it. But that can very easily change! 

On Monday we’re beginning another round of the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge where it takes just 5 minutes a day for 21 days to implement your one Keystone Habit. This is the little hinge that leads to you getting in the best shape of your life, multiplying your productivity and focus, building a stronger mindset, filling your days with more purpose, and so much more. And I walk you through every detail of it so that you can actually change your life in all the ways you’ve wanted to for so long.

If there’s anything I could recommend to quickly and permanently take your daily energy, productivity, and success to the next level - this is it!

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