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October 16, 2019

"Life is full of beauty, notice it."

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This quote is all about awareness. When you notice something it comes into your awareness. Whether it's gaining awareness about yourself, starting to notice beauty, or finding clarity on a solution, there’s one commonality that encompasses them all. Nothing changed about the input, it was always there in front of you, you just weren’t noticing it. It was there before, during and after. It exists independent of you, and for whatever reason it all changes once you acknowledge it. That is awareness and it feeds our reality.

Now let’s be intentional about what we choose to be aware of, because while we can notice beauty, positivity, and hope in the things around us, we can also notice of monotony and hatred.  Acknowledging negativity is really important. Turning that energy into gratitude is a superpower that will serve you in life. Outside of that, how can we see more of the beauty around us?

For me, it's mindfulness and curiosity. Mindfulness helps us to be present, to appreciate simplicity, and to gain awareness on the mundane. Pairing that with curiosity, you can add a whole new layer to the mundane that elicits intrigue and perfect complexity.

When something is placed in front of you that comes into your awareness, do you take it as a given and it just plays a background role in your life, or do you choose to see the miracle that is in front of you? The rustling of the leaves can either be background noise or a unique display of physics that relied on generations of creation to design that exact moment. Life is full of beauty, it’s time that we noticed it!

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