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September 10, 2019

Keep It Simple Stupid

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“Keep it simple stupid”

The core of it is all about reducing complexity. The more moving parts that are involved in a decision, add a layer of complexity that makes it more difficult to reach the intended destination. But, having a special focus on keeping things simple, you can have a more defined direction and easier path toward what you are trying to accomplish.

This philosophy applies in so many different areas. When building out a new system at work, strip the task down to its fundamental components and address them at face value. When hoping to go on a date, be clear about your intentions and ask for their phone number. When trying to get healthier, focus on the areas that contribute to your health, like exercise and nutrition to optimize your results.

The same goes for productivity. Throughout our days, we are presented with things to do that fit somewhere on a difficulty spectrum. It’s the difference between deciding what to wear, which is a low difficulty task, and finding a clever way to make an introduction, which is a high difficulty task. A great tip is to quickly move through the low difficulty task so that you have more time, energy, and will-power to apply to the high difficulty tasks. The easy things don’t need to be over complicated. Keep it simple stupid.

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