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April 9, 2021

Invest In Preparation with Dr. Cyrus Ghaffari

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As you know, it’s so important to incorporate multiple perspectives around subjects to truly understand them. And with that in mind, something I hadn’t completely thought about is the nature of preparation. Often we think about it through the lens of ourselves, what we can do to be personally prepared, but it’s equally important to consider the environment and field of competition you’ll be taking action within in order to maximize your performance. One of my best friends and brothers, Dr. Cyrus Ghaffari, has utilized this unique take on preparation to achieve his goals.

 Really think about what Cyrus said, and to summarize that “Art of War’ quote - Preparation isn’t just about you, but it’s also about you with respect to them. Taking an empathetic approach and knowing that everyone sees the world through their own egocentric view allows you to better interact with the elements around you, and ultimately get what you want. If you’re in medical school or in an intensive program, you might benefit from hearing more about Cyrus’ experience. Check him out on his YouTube channel Cyrus MD.

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