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April 23, 2019

Inducing Pattern Disrupts

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This one goes a bit against some of the other things I’ve shared with you over previous episodes, but at the end it will all tie together so don’t be alarmed. In the spirit of self-improvement, everyone has a different relationship with each tip and what works best for them, so at the very least this provides a different angle for you to think about.

Lets talk about pattern disrupts.  Basically, a pattern disrupt is something that takes you out of your routine ever so slightly, forcing you to operate in uncomfortable circumstances. But, in discomfort comes accommodation and growth. It allows you to access new frontiers in very subtle ways.

There are two primary ways to think about this.  First is a routine reset. If you find yourself going down the slippery slope of negative habits like low motivation or fatigue, disrupt that pattern by doing something out of your comfort zone, like turning your shower on cold. The disruption serves as a wake up call to your task which can help you restart with the right mentality.

Or, what I use it for most often, is subtle disruptions to a positive routine. When you are in the flow of things and getting stuff done, introducing a little variation and disruption can help you train and prepare for distractions. Getting yourself in that head-space to be able to handle small deviations to your routine is an effective way to mimic those situations. Some things that I do is I set my alarms and timers to create weird numbers like a 6:37 wake up time. These deviations push me so slightly off my routine, and it helps me practice refocusing.

Find opportunities for pattern disrupts in your day, and challenge yourself to grow just a little bit as a result.

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