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August 24, 2020

Increase Capacity

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Have you heard this before? ‘There’s only so much time in the day.’ Or ‘I’m just running out of gas.’ The physical limitations we experience are real, and while there are ways to optimize our lives a bit to have more energy, there’s an alternative consideration - What is your energy going to right now?

Our behavior is driven by satisfying our human needs, all the way from securing food, water, and shelter to self-actualization. These desires are rooted deeply in our evolutionary past and still play a large role in our day to day lives. But what’s interesting is how we have a tendency to overcompensate for past needs. This ultimately leads to us spending our energy in unnecessary ways, and is probably best understood by way of a few examples. 

Let’s say that as a child you weren’t acknowledged as much as you needed after personal achievements. You may take action today in a way that makes up for that void and guarantees you receive the validation from others that you desire. Or maybe you didn’t grow up with much money. Now you work hard to secure more money but in a way that is beyond your means and needs.

The important point here is that your overspending in these ways may actually be the key to increasing your capacity. By identifying what is holding you back, or what is being prioritized unnecessarily, you can redirect that energy toward a more aligned cause in your life.

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