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March 3, 2020

Implementing Stewardship Delegation

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I want to talk about this idea called Stewardship delegation.

“Delegation” has an interesting reputation. Some people think of it as a guaranteed reduction in quality, others as a necessary part of scaling any operation, and most people probably believe elements of both. Well stewardship delegation addresses both of those components the best.

Stewardship delegation is all about results. When it comes to managing someone in this capacity, you are only to evaluate their performance based on the final outcome. What this does is it empowers the person who is doing the work to attack the task in a way that best aligns with their skill set and mode of operation. This means the quality will remain as high as possible to leverage strengths, while still being able to offload the brunt of the work on someone else. Sounds easy enough!

Well, the reason this form of management or delegation isn’t more common is because it requires trust. You need to be fully confident that someone else, and their means of executing, can deliver the results that you need to report to. It’s stressful to have your reputation and livelihood dependent on someone else’s competency, especially when their methods don’t meet the conventional milestones you believe to be fundamental to the process.

While this example is very work and leadership related, the core of it can be related to all ways that you work in a team setting, in a relationship, and in your family. Surround yourself with people you trust and who can trust you to get more high quality results in your life.

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