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February 11, 2020

"I'll Start Tomorrow" Rationalization with Sarah Speers

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Our guest was Sarah Speers, who is a woman at the forefront of eating disorder advocacy and treatment. We often have awareness of things that we know we should or shouldn’t be doing, and we come up with rationalization strategies to justify our behavior. In the interview, Sarah reflected on a very common rationalization, “I’ll start tomorrow".

While Sarahs’ example is specific to her relationship with disordered eating, at the end she broadens it and explains how it applies more generally to making healthier choices. I mean think about it, haven’t we all told ourselves “I’ll start tomorrow” at some point? And then we find a way to justify our way out of doing it, or into giving in to the urge one last time. It could be food, exercise, porn, video games, alcohol, you name it! But knowing what we know now, that our brain has this rationalization strategy, we can be more aware of the times it’s prevalent in our lives.

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