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June 2, 2021

Ignite Possibilities

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I have been exploring a new and extremely profound philosophy lately. For the last 6+ months (as of this writing), the core affirmation that I’ve been writing down and meditating on is “I am attracting the right possibilities into my life at the right time.” It's kind of a unique affirmation, but there’s one word in it that continues to fascinate me - Possibilities.

After learning more about the Law of Attraction, and the way that the 4th dimensional metaphysical world works, I’ve started to see the value of possibilities. A possibility is something that can happen, and it’s the metaphysical world’s way of communicating with you about the potential of your path. When you become aware that something is a possibility for your life, that’s the 4th dimension tugging you to pursue the possibility you have in mind. Some people say that's your intuition calling you to what is right for you.

But the law of attraction is not enough to get what you want. It’s not only about being aware of the possibilities around you, it’s about igniting them! That’s where the Law of Attraction, that we all know and love must be paired with it’s complimentary force, the law of action. You must exercise that possibility in order for it to be represented in the 3-dimensional world we exist in.

There are no exceptions to this thought, and there are many incredible examples of its work in action. In fact, Ryan Mannion (who is becoming a good friend) just wrote a book called “Reignite Possibilities” touches on people with incredible success stories through the actions they've taken. The best part, not only is it free to download, but it’s tied to a social impact project. When you download your free copy you will contribute one brick toward the building of a school in Cambodia. Grab a copy now at: https://www.amazon.com/Ignite-Possibilities-JB-Owen-ebook/dp/B095J38KNS/ref=nodl_

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