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December 31, 2023

If You're Looking For A Sign, Here It Is!

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James Clear in his wildly popular book “Atomic Habits” taught us about the requirements to create a new habit. The first thing that needs to happen for us to take a habitual action is we need to be exposed to a trigger. The trigger basically serves as the start button to the full habit or routine.

The book is phenomenal, but one thing that it doesn’t expand to touch on is how these major concepts also influence our daily non-habitual actions as well. Rather than playing out an unconscious script, a trigger can bring our awareness to do things we normally wouldn't think to do ourselves.

This is why awareness is one of the tenets of self-improvement and mindfulness. You can’t do or change anything about what you’re not aware of.

It’s the exact reason why so many people care about living a better life, getting healthier, having more fun, or doing more of the things they want to do around the New Year. It’s a season that serves as a trigger for us to reflect on our lives and the changes we want to invite into it.

The desire and interest to improve our lives hasn’t changed, it’s simply our awareness around what we can do about it that has. When you surround yourself with more positive triggers, it creates more consciousness in your life which then helps you to make better decisions and live with more intention. And it’s through making better daily choices that when things actually start to change.

All of that to say - Let me lay out a big fat trigger for you right now! If you’ve been looking for a sign or an insight or kick in the butt to change your life, or what to do to actually take yourself and your self-growth more seriously, here it is!

You can create the life change you want in your life. You can create a better balance, transform your health, mend and strengthen important relationships, and take a chance on your dreams. But if you keep waiting for things to be right, after you get through this busy season or to have more money, you’re going to stay stuck waiting.

That’s the hard truth on the opposite side of the opportunity that is today. Nothing changes if nothing changes. You’ll keep finding yourself relieving the same loop until you choose to pull yourself out of it. This is your sign to do something different and put your life on a different trajectory!

Whether you’ve been listening to the podcast for 6 years or this is your first episode, you’ve been on your self-growth journey for years, months, or moments - I host a 21 day challenge that helps you completely transform your lifestyle by installing the 9 Super Habits and upgrading your self-improvement operating system. You can learn more about the challenge and how to become the healthiest, most productive, most resilient, disciplined, and fulfilled version of yourself here!

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