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October 6, 2022

“I’m on top of the world!”

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When things are going really well, when we have a lot of momentum and enthusiasm for life, one way that we describe that is by saying ”I’m on top of the world!” Literally this expression doesn’t make much sense, but metaphorically it holds a lot of meaning.

I mean just picture it. If you’re physically on top of the world, to me that could mean two things. Literally it could mean you’re at the highest point in the world, which is the summit of Mount Everest. Or more abstractly you could be floating at the edge of space, where the planet and outer space meet. 

From either viewpoint you can see how the world is. Instead of being so consumed in the details you see things from a much broader lens. Instead of being discouraged by the limitations, chaos and realities of the day, you get to see life more with less restriction and more curiosity. It allows you to dream bigger, think bolder, and move faster! 

The metaphor is that when you’re feeling on top of the world you’re taking this vantage point. You see the world with more possibility and opportunity. While being on top of the world is an emotional moment with rich positivity, it also holds a lot of optimism for the future. It shapes your perspective beyond the now and influences you well into the future, which hopefully helps you to maintain the momentum you’ve earned.

When you’re on top of the world you feel unstoppable, you feel limitless, and you feel encouraged. You see how life is happening for you, which is much easier to do when things are going well. But if you can capture that feeling and store it for when you need it, it can be an incredible source of inspiration and groundedness.

But important to mention, you need to climb. You need to earn the vantage point. There’s truth to the expression “it’s about the journey not the destination” because the destination only has significance with respect to the journey. So pick your mountain to climb, one that inspires you and feels aligned with how you want to live, and start climbing. Put your head down and soon enough you’ll be on top of the world and enjoying every bit of it!

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