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September 22, 2022

"I am my own muse."

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For Thursday positivity I wanted to share a reflection I had about a word that has come up consistently over the last few months. It’s an underappreciated and underspoken term because it’s typically reserved for a certain type of person, and I think it’s a disservice to the intention of the word. And that word is “muse”.

A muse is the inspiration for a creator. It’s often applied to describe artists and where they draw their creative inspiration from. Since artists are usually more expressive, unconventional, and free-spirited people, this source of inspiration has a different connotation to it. It’s described as something that is much more visceral, much more personified, and in that way it permeates layers deeper.

My addition to this definition is that I’d argue we are all creators. We are all artists of sorts whether we identify as such or not. This means that we all have our own muse that inspires us in the most profound and intuitive of ways, but we may not be connected to it because we don’t have the vocabulary to explore it.

I want to help you not only discover your muse but teach you that you are your greatest source of inspiration. Yes you, that human who sees yourself for all your flaws and shortcomings. You speak the language of your soul better than anything else. You have the example within you that you’ve been looking to model. Your muse is your best-self that is starting to come out in some ways and still remaining latent in others. Your potential is your muse.

You already have everything that you’ll ever need. You are deeply connected to goodness and abundance. Of course we don’t live this completely, that’s our human nature, but our mission is to access all of this potential within us and work through all of the things that are getting in the way. 

The first step on this mission is believing it. Believing in your potential, believing in the greatness inside of you. And to make that more tangible, I want you to try reciting this affirmation to yourself to see how it feels for you - “I am my own muse”.

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