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November 19, 2018

How to Win With Gary Vee

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Many of us at our core are competitors, which means one thing: We want to win. We work late, go the extra mile, spread ourselves thin, and do what it takes to gain a competitive advantage. Is that what it takes to win?

Well, what about the game of life, are we winning at that?  It’s a much larger thought and a longer conversation, but I really appreciated something Gary Vaynerchuk said on the topic recently. 

“That game itself is the win.  And it’s no different than being a mother, or a teacher, or a public servant, or a lawyer (you love reading law).  The people that win in life are the ones that found the thing they like the most and it sustained their lifestyle. The reason most people fail is that they want a lifestyle that their love doesn’t support because they worry about people’s opinions of them in their lifestyle.”

Let’s talk about how to win. Yes, your career is important, and it is fulfilling to be the best at what you do. But, remember to view that in the context of your entire life.  How do your actions relate with your family-life, passions, spirituality, health, and relationships? Stepping back and being competitive in a more holistic way, to get the most out of all areas of your life, is a better goal for all of us as humans. Gary Vee does a good job of always providing a perspective and scope to the hustle.

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