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March 11, 2019

Go Out of Your Way

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I totally get that our lives are busy enough as they are. Hustling between locations, meeting up with people, taking care of errands, the list seems to pile up before we know it. The thought of adding something else to our plate sometimes seems impossible. Everything needs to go seamlessly to get it all done, or so we think.

I challenge you to go out of your way for other people. To go out of your way is to make an effort, and to perform a gesture that isn’t expected of you because you want to do something for someone else. Although it does add a mini-strain to your life, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Try to think of it from the opposite vantage point. For instance, if you’re helping someone else get through their crazy list of things to do, and making their day more manageable, people are extremely appreciative of that consideration and think highly of it. You become a lifeline for them. The reality is, if you plan it right ahead of time, the gesture doesn’t need to disrupt your day as much as it seems.

Another example would be if you live with roommates, choose to cook a little extra and feed them also. By adding 5 minutes to your routine you are saving thirty minutes from theirs. Or, at work, before you run to the post office, ask the people around you if they need a letter dropped off also. These small moments of doing something for someone else, that fit naturally into your own day, create incredible moments for building relationships and serving others’ needs.  

So, going out of your way is as simple as keeping others in mind, and putting yourself out there to help in small and natural ways. Give it a try and see how easily you can start helping other people.

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