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May 28, 2024

Get Excited!

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Something that I really desire more of in my life, that I am extremely focused on cultivating, is enthusiasm and excitement. 

There are some people that just exude enthusiasm. They’re buzzing with energy and it makes you step up your level of presence and engagement with what’s happening.

One of those people is my wife Irene.

In my vows to her on our wedding day I commented on how the looks at life with a sense of wonder in everything, and it inspires me.

But some of us don’t naturally find reasons to be excited about life. Our demeanor is more reserved, introverted, and composed. We prefer to not let emotions sway us off center too far.

But we’re missing out on experiencing life fully without enthusiasm! According to Heroic, of the 8 cardinal virtues the one that is most highly correlated with flourishing is ‘zest’ aka enthusiasm.

When you strip it all away, excitement and enthusiasm is a perspective. We can choose to assign an excitable meaning to anything. In other words, you don’t need to create hype… You just need to start seeing it!

I’m not saying you need to 'turn it all the way up' from stoic to bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm, but you might enjoy how your next level of daily excitement makes you feel. So let’s do it now!

Ask yourself this question - What am I really excited about today?

And then continue on with this follow up question - What can I do differently today to bring out that excitement?

Give it a try! And if you find that it really serves you, the consider anchoring it as a consistent practice in a morning or startup routine.

The more you train yourself to see excitement, and the more prepared you are to act on it, the more natural it will be for you to experience it and the more embedded it will be in everything you do!

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