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July 29, 2020

Garrain Jones' Wheel of Power

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This is an exercise I learned from Garrain Jones. Garrain swears by something called the 'Wheel of Power', which is a tool you can use to see where the deficiencies are in your life, relative to where your life could be in all its potential. It’s a simple exercise and it goes as follows.

Draw a circle, put a dot at the center, and divide the circle up into 8 even slices. It should look kind of like a wheel with 8 spokes. Those lines meet the circle at 8 different points, and each one of those points represents one of 8 areas of your life. Then, label each intersection with one of the 8 elements. Do this on the outside of your wheel, and those 8 elements are: Fun and adventure, health and nutrition, culture and tribe, current business, contribution, personal and spiritual development, physical challenges, and friends, family, and relationships. 

Next, you’re going to get introspective. Rate how you are doing in each of these areas of your life on a scale 1-10. A 1 means you’re very unsatisfied with your performance in that area, a 10 would mean it is fantastic. When you come upon your number, place a dot on that line estimating where that number would be on a scale 1-10, with the 1 being the center of the circle and 10 being all the way out on the edge of circle. Assign a number for all 8 qualities you are evaluating, and be honest because it could illuminate something important.

Then, connect all the dots! It might be evident what areas of your life are underserved, but to strengthen that point shade in everything on the inside of the figure formed by the connected dots to really see it. What is shaded is your wheel of life, this is how things are right now, and like any good wheel it functions best when it’s an even and well-rounded shape. Those areas that are keeping your wheel from being round are the very things that are keeping you from taking steps forward in your life.

Additionally, all of the space that is inside the circle but not shaded is your capacity. That’s what you’re capable of having in your life, and your goal is to push you 8 elements out to a 10 so you can flourish and live in a way that matches your potential!

Do this exercise and see what comes up. Personally, it was fun and adventure and physical challenge. Lastly, go about addressing those areas of your life that need more attention. 

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