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September 18, 2019

"Follow your shine."

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I met a woman two days ago who probably doens’t know how big of an impression she left on me. She had a great answer to an interesting question, “What is the one thing you have to do to turn your passion into a business?”. Her answer was, "follow your shine". First, the word "shine". You can’t be angry and use the word shine. It’s just impossible. "Shine" has a positive connotation that speaks to a very natural beauty.  It also makes you feel protected. When we’re safe, we have more courage to explore and experience.

The last word is "follow". "Follow" provides the direction for the expression. Once you find your shine, what do you do with it? You use it to guide you where you are meant to go. It is the path being paved before you on your journey. Which is why it is the perfect thing to tap into when turning your passion into your business. You have faith in your skill set, you answer the call, and you trust the process.

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