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June 8, 2022

Feel To Heal

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As much as we try to prime our brains to see the positive in the world, the reality is there’s a lot of bad stuff that’s unavoidable. We naturally are exposed to various forms of trauma and take on pain that leaves physical and emotional scars in our beings. Our natural evolutionary response to this is acting like it’s not there. To push it down and repress it so that other people aren’t aware of it. But that tendency was developed as an old survival instinct, and in modern life it is now out of pace. The unfortunate consequence is that when pain is not acknowledged, it bottles up and begins to grow deeper roots that inhibit you in many ways.

Repressed emotions can overwhelm your psychology and dominate your perception. It can act as a lens that you see everything through, molding facts and circumstances to fit within the context of your emotions. This happens as a mix of a self-fulfilling prophecy and confirmation bias, and it can be so strong and innate that you don’t even recognize it’s happening.

So if you want to overcome the grip pain and trauma has on you, and reclaim control of your reality, you need to do something really difficult. You need to allow yourself to feel the pain. When you bring it to the surface it can be processed in a healthier way, and while the events that brought that pain will never go away, you can change the way you relate with it. There’s an expression “If you want to heal a wound, you need to feel a wound” and it’s much easier said than done. But the obstacle is the way. You cannot go around matters like this, you must go through, and getting vulnerable with yourself and others allows you to begin healing the pains you’ve been carrying.

This is heavier than usual, and if you feel up for it I want to ask you to reflect on this question - Is there something negative that has happened to you that you haven’t allowed yourself to feel?

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