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June 10, 2020

Faith: Fully Attainable in the Heart

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I wanted to highlight something that came up in the Discover Your Purpose Digital Summit. It’s the idea of trusting and following your heart. Sarah King, who facilitated the event, called this radical obedience, and obedience is listening to what your heart is telling you. It’s about yielding and surrendering to what you’re pulled to do and whatever is pulling you in that direction.

Another word for this is faith, and a participant, Leo Galofre, put this in the chatbox. "Faith - Fully attainable in the heart".

That just really stood out to me because it’s so comprehensive. First it counteracts the doubt we have within ourselves and other press upon us because it “hasn’t been done before” or it’s “not completely thought out”. This suggests that you don’t necessarily need those pieces in place and if you truly yield and surrender to the process those question marks will be answered by exclamation marks and the solution will naturally present itself in front of you.

When we can shed ourselves of that layer of societal doubt and criticism we recognize so much more is possible than we first thought. And that’s your first sign that you should do it and keep chasing it.

One of my favorite books, The Promise of a Pencil by Adam Braun, has a line in the book that goes as follows, “Go chase the footsteps you want to leave behind”.

This suggests that you are following your path, the path is already there, you just don’t see it yet. But, when you surrender to the process, and believe that it is fully attainable in the heart, the path will light up for you.

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