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June 23, 2020

Everything Can Change in an Instant

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I recently saw a good friend of mine post on Facebook about an accident. His brother Pierre was mountain biking and seriously injured himself, requiring emergency spine surgery to save his life. Fortunately, he did survive but he is not expected to walk again. Things like this happen and it’s an unfortunate reality in the world.

When I was scrolling on Facebook and read this, I was taken aback and got emotional. Then, I couldn’t help but think of my friend, who had a similar moment of receiving horrible news out of nowhere. I’ve had moments like that in my past and the pain and shock of it is overwhelming.

That’s the truth. You wake up in the morning and you have no idea what’s going to happen. This is part of what makes life so exciting, but in times like this it’s what makes life so painful also. We cannot take these simple things for granted, things we see as normal and expected, because it all can change in an instant. When Pierre woke up that morning, he never could have expected how his life would change.

And when this stuff happens, because it will in life, it becomes a matter of perspective. It’s all on a spectrum and you need to find the positive in the event. The fact that he has his life is incredible. The response and love he’s received from family and friends is remarkable. These life situations will always exist on a spectrum, and while it’s hard to see the positives in tragedies like this it’s important to try to. Because a positive outlook and optimism for the situation will attract more of the same, which will give you more strength and courage to press on in your life.

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