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December 18, 2019

"Every day is a fresh start."

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“Every day is a fresh start.”

It’s kind of crazy thinking about what a day even is. Our days are dictated by our planets’ rotation. Creating alternating periods of light and dark based on when it is facing the sun. We have evolved to work within these natural parameters. As much as we say time is a convention and man made concept, there is some truth to the natural cycles we experience because of it.

Every day is the beginning of a new cycle, “every day is a fresh start.”

So what can we do as a fresh start? Well, on a daily basis we get inundated with layers. Some negative layers caused by stress, labor and tedious tasks. As well as some positive layers due to great moments, big wins, and growing relationships. When we wake up every morning we can shake off these layers and build our environment from the ground up.

But what about those positive layers that you enjoy so much? Well that’s where a good morning practice of expressing gratitude comes in. Gratitude allows you to reflect on previous happenings, paint them in a positive and appreciative light, and coat yourself with that first initial layer that will set the tone for the rest of the day.

How privileged are we that we to even have another day? Let’s make the most of this new chance and fresh start.

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