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June 12, 2019

"Even the worst days only last 24 hours."

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In life, there are things that happen, challenges that test to our core. Maybe the odds are stacked against you, or your at the mercy of things that are beyond your control. It might not be fair, and there might not be a solution, but you need to pull through anyway. Well, in light of those situations, it is possible to hit a mental reset to improve the situation if you’ll allow it.

“Even the worst days only last 24 hours”.

When experiencing hardship, you can frame your problems in a certain way that will help them go away. A new day is a new opportunity. You can always reset your emotions and build them back up from scratch if needed. This is a concept Admiral William McRaven shared in his famous commencement speech. McRaven talks about the value of making your bed every day because no matter what happens, coming home to a made bed reminds you that something went right and gives you optimism about tomorrow.  Similarly, when putting your head down at night, you can choose to be optimistic about how things will be the next day. It’s how thing work themselves out. Often times the energy you put out brings that energy back to you. With enough positivity and optimism that the new day will bring relief, you are more likely to find the relief you are seeking.

Can you think of one time when your bad days every lasted longer than 24 hours? I can’t. Welcome the new day with a new attitude and things will begin improving before your eyes!

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