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July 16, 2020

Energy Goes Where Energy Flows

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We are energetic beings. We go through life securing resources so that we can add more energy to our spiritual, emotional, physical, and metaphysical being. But, it’s not like energy is simply acquired and stored in our bodies for the rest of our lives, it is constantly in motion and transferred from being to being to sustain everything around us. This is consistent with the first law of thermodynamics. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it simply is changed from one form to another.

With that flow and transferring of energy there’s a really important opportunity here. And it’s that energy goes where energy flows.

We choose where we put our energy both consciously and unconsciously, but the mechanism works the same regardless of the level of consciousness you have toward it. You can be intentional and do some gratitude journaling, or you can be passive aggressive to a family member about an old issue. In both cases, you are allocating your energy and it will continue to flow in that direction in other ways of your life.

And this is the opportunity. You can decide where your energy goes. You can be selective about what you’re willing to tolerate within your life and assign energy to. And when you allow your energy to go in the positive, beneficial, fulfilling areas of your life, you will find that more of your energy naturally flows there and presents you with more life circumstances in alignment with that energy.

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