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November 4, 2019

Doubt Your Fears, Don't Doubt Your Dreams

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I am moved and inspired by a mentor of mine, Joel Brown. Joel shared a message about dreams, taking action, and purpose that really moved me.

Joel said something along the lines of “Doubt your fears, don’t doubt your dreams”. This made me wonder why is it that we seek to validate the positive things in our life, almost needing to be convinced that it’s true, whereas we don’t think twice about the truth of the negative things in our life. It’s a self-cannibalizing cycle that destroys our self confidence and makes us settle for things we don’t enjoy, far from our fullest potential.

Fortunately, we can flip the script. 

I recently did an exercise where I wrote down some of the things I believe to be true about myself. I was very careful to include at least 2 good things for every not so good thing. 

An example of this would be if I believe I am having conversations beyond my qualifications. That’s the negative. The positives I can spin out of it are, I believe I am always prepared, and I believe I am a very fast learner.   

Getting these concepts out of your mind and in front of you to review is extremely effective at seeing the concepts at face value. You’ll see that the two positive statements help take validity from the negative statement. This is exactly what you can do with your fears and your dreams.

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