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September 10, 2018

Don't Take Shortcuts

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It's simple. Don’t take shortcuts. Put in the work to go about doing things the right way. I have three different reasons why.

First, is mentality. Our actions reflect strongly in our mentality. This is because of a psychological concept called “cognitive dissonance”, where our brains reject things that don’t align. When you take a shortcut, you are choosing to not face the challenge for all it’s worth. The small decision to take a shortcut will influence your threshold for will power the next time you are preparing you to be successful in the future.

The second one is about quality. Taking shortcuts means that you are deliberately skipping a step or process, which was likely incorporated in the first place because it ensures quality.  Don’t make that mistake, and never compromise quality.

Lastly, taking short cuts sometimes actually makes us lost. This can be counterproductive to the time we were trying to save by taking short cuts because it takes more time to get back on track. It’s kind of silly if you think about it.

Be extra cognizant of taking actions with intentionality and deliberate steps, and not to take any short cuts.

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