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March 28, 2019

Don't Overwork Yourself with Leslie Samuel

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If you’re listening to this podcast, it means you’re motivated to be better. Whether you want to achieve more, create legacy, or find happiness, you have that drive in you.  Well, pump the breaks a bit, because it’s important to think about the journey to your final destination, while not compromising your well-being.

This message comes from blogging expert Leslie Samuel. Let’s hear a bit from him, as he reflects on a moment when he realized he was pushing himself too far:

"I was trying to do it all. I was running the biology blog, I was running the cover blog, I was doing the P.H.D., I was doing the university professor thing, and everything was suffering. And then, at a certain point, it all came to a tipping point. I realized this is too much. I just had to come to that realization. I messed up many times, in terms of that balance. That work-life balance. That thing that everybody seems to talk about, but not everybody seems to fully reach. How do you avoid a trap? You try your best and constantly evaluate hey, 'what am I doing and is what I am doing getting me towards my ultimate goal?'. And if its not then it is time to re-evaluate".

Leslie goes on to talk about how after he realized and corrected his ways, he found more time to be with his son, and to do some of the things he really enjoyed but was neglecting. We all have something that we want to give more attention, maybe today is the day we start doing it!

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