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February 26, 2021

Don't Talk Yourself Out Of It

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You’ve probably heard the expression “Talking yourself out of doing it”, and if you think about it, what that literally means is you tell yourself that you can’t do what you want to do. You have an idea that you want to pursue and you actively keep yourself from doing it. This happens because we have defense mechanisms installed in our brains to keep us safe, two of those being rationalization and justification. When you rationalize or justify you use logic to come to the conclusion that what you want isn’t actually in your best interest. This is often misplaced, and what it is actually doing is protecting you from the discomfort of change.

So what I’d suggest, is when you feel that hint of inspiration, trust that feeling and pursue it. Don’t limit yourself because it’s the comfortable thing to do. Your brain will want to tell you something else but your intuition knows what is truly best for you.

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