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February 16, 2020

Do A Random Act Of Kindness

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Kindness is contagious. Our physiological response to kindness is a cascade of neurotransmitters that lifts mood, provides energy, relieves anxiety, and creates depression. Interestingly enough, it induces the same effect in the recipient, who with that boost, is more likely to go on and continue to spread kindness.

Kindness is easy. We have the wrong idea that random acts of kindness are meant to be elaborate and complex. The reason they are “random” is because they aren’t premeditated. They are a response to how you’re feeling in the moment and what you can offer to someone who looks like they could use it. Last week, a friend of mine stepped in dog poop, and I took her shoe to the bathroom to clean it myself. There’s no way I could have predicted that!

Lastly, it connects our heart and our mind. For those of us who are heart centered, we acknowledge that we are responsive to the energy and emotions of those around us. By taking the internal feelings our heart desires and putting them in an external, shared environment through acts of kindness, our logical mind feels validated in the logic witnessed in the manifestation of the internal state. 

Remember that these are acts of kindness, which means it’s important to take action. A random act of kindness goes infinitely further than a random thought of kindness. And it doesn’t need to be for a stranger! There are many people in your life who are more than deserving of your kindness. 

Now, how do we do it? It’s about being mindful of the opportunity. You can place your body in a state where it is primed to notice the ways you can be kind. This means smile often, stand tall, and be kind to yourself, as it will attract more of the same.

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