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February 12, 2024

Defining Transformation

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One of the primary things we’re chasing in our self-improvement is personal transformation. We know that on the other side of some growth and development lies a version of ourselves that shows up more fully for life.

But what does it mean to transform?

To break down the literal etymology, the prefix ‘trans’ means ‘across’ or ‘beyond’. So to "transform" is to "move beyond your current form". This is true for a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, but also for ourselves as we become someone entirely new.

To do this thought justice, let me add in an important detail about self-worth. Some people have an aversion to self-improvement because they feel it is acknowledgement that who you are right now isn’t good enough, which leads to the interest to improve it. I fully agree with that. We don’t need to be fixed, but we’re also not meant to stay the same either.

So understanding that we’re going to be evolving no matter what, it serves us to be intentional about our growth. To choose the direction and trajectory of it. And that’s where self-improvement comes in to guide that - To make sure that your personal transformation is positive.

Because again, going back to the basic definition, that’s what transformation is. It’s just a shift from one form to another, and it’s happening either way. Our mission as individuals with a big ambition for who we can be in this world is to massively transform ourselves and let that express itself into the world.

And that’s what goals are for. Goals serve as a future vision that orients our daily choices and actions in pursuit of achieving it. Goals change the makeup of our lives and further, guide our personal evolution. And we must be really thoughtful about what we commit to because the wrong goals can transform us in the wrong ways. That’s why John Assaraf says “When you set a goal you must be willing to trade your life for it.”

To make this tangible, I want you to take some time to connect a few dots. First is full awareness of where you are right now in your current form. The health, relationships, career, and impact that you have. Then, think about the level of health, relationships, career, and impact you want to have. Identifying the gap between the two, now you get to set the right goals that help you to bridge that gap and usher in the next evolution of your transformation.

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