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July 2, 2021

Creating Opportunity (From the Subject Matter Podcast)

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I talk a lot about being the creator of your life, and claiming what’s yours for yourself instead of waiting for it to happen on its own. To provide evidence for how that has worked in my life, I wanted to do something different and feature a snippet from my interview on Ben Bradbury’s podcast called Subject Matter, where I talk a bit about how relationships and being of service have created opportunities in my career and life.

[With reference to building a personal brand] "The fun side is then the creative side. So once you have that relationship, and you have these mentors because you've been able to build your personal brand, to get their attention, what do you do with it? And a great story with that is a cascade of 'Do it for the story' actually. So I met Nir Eyal on the podcast because he had his new book 'Indistractable' about to launch... He has changed my life with his original book 'Hooked' and with 'Indistractable' I was involved in the launch promotion. I brought him on the podcast, had a pre-release copy of the book that I read, was able to feature it, created all of this content and assets for him really to add value, and we ended up being friends on Facebook. It was through Facebook that I learned about who Case Kenny is, the podcaster of 'New Mindset Who Dis?'. What happened is Nir Eyal posted on Facebook about Case Kenny's new journal coming out about personal development. I reached out to Case and said "Hey I want to feature you, anything in particular?' and he said "Oh, awesome really appreciate that go for it!' So then we grabbed a coffee, I told him about what I was up to, was able to build a relationship with him and show my value, show what I had to offer. Just 4 months later Case Kenny and I became co-founders of For Purpose. That is a true story of how my personal brand and the relationships that I cultivated by leading with being of service ended up creating this opportunity to build a relationship with someone who is now a co-founder and has a ton to offer for a project I'm really passionate about."

This demonstrates an example of how I’ve cultivated the flow of value in my life to create an opportunity for myself. In leading with service and finding creative ways to add value, I was able to build a relationship that has been a pivotal part of the next phase of my career. The opportunities are there, and you too can seize them for yourself by being supportive, helpful, and open.

Click here to listen to the full interview on Subject Matter with Ben Bradbury.

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