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October 15, 2018

Create Your Own Reality Feat. Gerard Adams

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This message comes from the “Millennial Mentor” and serial entrepreneur Gerard Adams. He talks about how we can create our own reality.

“Stop looking out into the world for answers and start looking within yourself. The world is going through a massive change, our planet is shifting back into a generation of consciousness and human connection. For this to happen, we must know that in order for us to change the world, we must change oneself. The day that you realize that you have the ability to master your mind, your beliefs and your imagination will be the moment that you experience the abundance of what is truly possible in your world. This truth will be the most momentous of your entire life”.

Gerard goes on to talk about how our reality is an extension of our perception. We can practice objectivity, control our emotions, and decide what affects us, which then manifests into the world we live in.  Harness this potential and create for yourself the life you have always wanted.

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