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May 19, 2019

Control the Decisive Moments of your Day

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The beautiful thing about life is that we have the freedom to make our own decisions. Things as small as what side of the road we walk on to choosing where to invest our hard earned money. They all impact the flow of our days in their own ways, and the quality of our day is a result of our decisions.

But, there are a handful of decisions you make everyday that are truly disproportionately impactful. They are decisions that influence other downstream opportunities or choices, which are what make up the bulk of our days. In these decisive moments, it is extremely important to make the right decisions consistently.  

This might best be understood in a pair of examples. Let’s start with the first decision of your day. When your alarm goes off, do you get up, or do you snooze? If you get up, then you start your day on schedule, and you can begin going through tasks seamlessly and comfortably.  However, if you snooze, then you immediately put yourself off track and have to play “catch up” for the rest of your day. This might impact the quality of your breakfast, and put you in worse traffic on your way to work, thus, placing you in a more stressful state. See how quickly that compounded? And it all originated from one decision.

Another example is let’s say you need to go to the bank. Either you can plan a time for it and go, making a firm decision without hesitation, or you let it linger in your mind, distracting you from other things, and negatively impacting the rest of your day.

Each day is filled with decisive moments that affect the rest of your day, take control of those moments and experience a whole new level of productivity.

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