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January 20, 2022

"Conquer the negative."

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Many things only have meaning because there is the opposite to compare it to - Life and death,  health and sickness, night and day, success and failure… What I want to highlight for positivity Thursday is that same idea but the relationship between positive and negative.

Positivity only has meaning because the fulfillment, enthusiasm, and optimism of it can be compared to the feelings of despair, pain, and struggle of negativity. Oftentimes a positive mindset is tasked to see everything in a positive light, but that can be harmful to the necessary contrast it has with negativity. If you ignore negativity, or act like it doesn’t exist, then it dilutes the value of positivity because you won’t have the same spectrum to reference. It also makes you more vulnerable to negativity when it pierces that barrier because you don’t have as much experience managing it. That’s why for today’s positivity quote we’re going to talk about how we “conquer the negative”.

To say it another way, negativity is not meant to be avoided. It is meant to be felt because it provides more richness to your positivity, and in order for us to receive that value we need to allow ourselves to feel it. Just because you’re negative in the moment doesn’t mean you’re a negative person. You can be a positive person and have negative feelings… I am a positive person and I often have negative feelings. But it’s about what we do with those feelings.

To conquer the negative you need to see above it. You have an opportunity to reframe the meaning you attach to the negative feeling with perspective and gratitude. You can do whatever it is that helps you feel good, like exercising or talking it over with a friend to get it off your chest. You must not ignore the negative, you must move through it, you must conquer it.

So with all of that in mind let’s get self-aware about how you personally experience negativity: What do you do to best conquer negativity?

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