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March 29, 2023

Compulsive Productivity

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Okay, this is something I really battle with and I bet some part of you can relate with it. I care a lot. I really want to do something meaningful and special in the world. I want to experience things that are new, enriching, and fulfilling. And I want to discover what I’m truly capable of and witness the full extent of my potential.

Unfortunately, this desire is a double-edged sword. While on one hand it keeps me active and motivated, on the other hand it has become a bit of an obsession. If I’m not actively doing something to better myself I have a tendency to get anxious… A fear that I’m going to regret that I didn’t make the most of my time… So I find ways to occupy my time with what I’m convincing myself are “productive” things to do.

This overall topic is something called “Compulsive Productivity”. It’s being productive for the sake of feeling better about yourself rather than doing what’s actually most critical, most important, or most needed. In the short-term it keeps you busy and stimulates you so that you don’t have to be alone with your own thoughts for too long, but ultimately what it does is it robs you of the presence, mindfulness, and clarity you’re desperately seeking.

Less presence because you’re multitasking and distracted from the current moment. Less mindful because you’re too “in your head” to allow yourself to perceive the things around you. Less clarity because you prioritize the things that “kinda sorta” need to get done that are immediately or spontaneously in front of you.

Don’t get me wrong, being productive is an incredible thing and a skill to be mastered… But it must be done with intention in order for it to truly serve you. It must be balanced so that you’re coming from an inspiring, energy giving lens rather than an expiring, energy draining lens.

I’ve found that the solution is to get radical clarity, awareness, and accountability for your needs. People call this balance, I like to call it harmony because it allows the sum to be greater than the individual parts.

If you identify as a personal development junkie, with a podcast in your ear and a book on your nightstand at any given moment, trying to get your hands on everything you can to advance yourself... It’s likely that you are experiencing compulsive productivity. 

And if you want to break out of that cycle, to start getting somewhere with your life and level up your game permanently, I want to invite you to take on the 21 Day Super Habits Challenge! This process teaches you to install the core Operating System that gives you the awareness, accountability, and intention you need to master productivity and make the very most of your life.

The next cohort of the challenge goes live on Monday, click here to learn more about the challenge and how it will change your life in just 5 minutes day for 21 days.

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