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March 17, 2023

Collect The Right People

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When you think of the idea of collecting people you might have a negative reaction to it. That it feels too transactional, impersonal, and possessive to line up the humans of your life. But I’d argue that just like coveted collectibles, that mean so much to you, the people you collect and keep were chosen for a very specific reason.

You have different people for different occasions. Your high school friends might remind you of being young, naive, and the challenges of discovering yourself. With college friends it’s always a good time when you reunite, picking up right where you left off. 

Then there are those deeper relationships you collect where you feel connected to them on a soul level, knowing that there’s something about them that gets you like no one else. And there are the people you collect that you know will always be there for you unconditionally because of the history you have.

Just because people are part of a larger collection does not take away the importance they individually have. There’s a story and intention behind everyone that you encounter in life. Some people play a small passing role, and some people you build a life around. 

When you find the good ones, make sure you keep them. You have a wide variety of needs to be met, and when you collect the right people and engage them to play the right role, you’ll have an incredible foundation of support.

When it comes to the arguments of quality over quantity, it never rings more true than in relationships. Yet we’re enticed to meet new people, expand our network, and pursue more because it’s baked into the fabric of everything we do. 

So my recommendation is to resist that inclination, slow down, and strengthen your connection with the incredible people you already have right in front of you. Your life will feel so much more full when you collect the right people.

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