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December 6, 2018

Check Your Bank Account

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As much as we hate to admit it, money plays a big role in our lives. So, why not optimize our spending habits? Near and dear to my heart, Ms. Irene Whalen, was a poor college student who managed to work and pay her tuition without taking out a student loan. She couldn’t have done it without developing good financial habits.

"Checking your bank account regularly is a great way to remind yourself of your financial goals and keep yourself accountable to your budget. Since Identity theft and credit card fraud are one of the most common crimes we see today, reviewing your account regularly will ensure that you catch any unexpected charges. So here is my recommendation: each morning, check your bank account. The first thing you will see is what you spent money on yesterday. If unnecessary over-spending causes stress, this is the first place you will catch yourself. I know I had moments where I think how on earth did I spend that much on Amazon. Additionally, if you were out at the bars feeling like buying a few rounds, you may remember the next day that it's Susan's turn to buy for everyone. Thanks Susan. Keep in mind that sometimes things like tips for service take a little longer to process and may not show up in your bank account balance right away. Being aware of your spending habits will help you identify what things you need and what things are a little extra".

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