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December 3, 2018

Brush Your Teeth with the Opposite Hand

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Have you tired brushing your teeth with your opposite hand?

I must preface, the science is inconclusive about the neurological benefits of this. Some studies state, is that different areas of our brain are active when engaging in a unique action. This then plays into our brain’s natural tendency to accommodate our bodies demand by changing its wiring or firing patterns. If you’re familiar with this theory, the buzzword here is neuroplasticity, and it is responsible in part for learning. The thought is that putting the brain in a neuroplastic state by brushing your teeth with the wrong hand then creates an environment for other learning to occur.

If you choose not to believe that, which I wouldn’t blame you for, then let’s think about the indirect consequences of the action.  First is discipline. Most of us brush our teeth two or more times a day, which means we have two or more opportunities to use the opposite hand. If we use the opposite hand, we are testing our willpower to stick to our commitment, which, if you ever tried it, you know how hard it is to brush with the wrong hand. Then growing on that, if you do develop the habit and commit to it, you quickly learn how possible improvement is. Having that tangible example in front of you might encourage you to have more patience in other areas.

So yes, Self Improvement Daily is in fact telling you to try brushing your teeth with your opposite hand. It’s just one small thing that could be the difference you are looking for. And in true Self Improvement Daily spirit, if it’s not for you then ditch it! We are all very different and we should celebrate that.

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