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April 2, 2021

Being Different with Quentin Allums

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If you feel you like you’re a little different, like there’s something about you that isn’t normal or average, then good! That’s what matters about people. That’s when you really get to know people, and that’s something I want to get better at probing understanding and getting to know about others. Most importantly, that thing about you should be embraced! In fact, Quentin Allums believes that a commonality we share is that we're all a bit uncommon.

Quentin has leveraged being different to grow a personal brand because, different stands out. People remember different. So let’s take this to heart, both in the way we express ourselves externally (making sure to capture the essence of who we are and what we can uniquely offer), as well as being committed to discovering the same in other people as well. There is so much untapped opportunity, talent, and potential that goes to waste because as a society we’re afraid to share how we’re different. But we’re all misfits, and that’s what people care about, so let it shine!

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