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May 6, 2021

"Be proud of yourself and everything you are."

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You should be proud of yourself, and I want you to feel proud of yourself, because you really do deserve it. You are doing some many things right. I’m sure you’ve navigated difficult situations, had your ethics and morals tested, made a mistake you had to make up for, offered really good ideas, and adjusted to major changes in your life. You’ve been through all of that and made it out the other side to get to this moment.

You have been there for yourself every step of the way. Of course, with phases and periods where things weren’t so good, and maybe they still don’t feel like they are, but all of your experiences have made you uniquely trained to offer a certain perspective that the world needs.

Have you failed and failed big? Good! That means you’re trying, and it’s the only thing you can do. So much is out of your control, but your effort and intentions are not, so measure yourself on those and be proud of how you’ve applied yourself.

I was having an issue with this myself so in my evening routine I added one simple practice - To write one sentence about something I did that day that I am proud of. When you’re forced to sit down and think about it, you’ll realize how much you actually do, the grace you have in handling certain situations, the ways you act within your integrity, and you’ll become more aware of reasons to be proud more often.

“Be proud of yourself and everything you are.” You’ve proven it time and again, and I hope you’re starting to believe it.

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