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February 22, 2024

"Be here now."

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In a world that is busier, more distracting, and trying to hijack our attention more than ever, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be present. Rather than having a moment to ourselves waiting in a line, we compulsively check our emails. Rather than focusing on preparing our meal, we have a podcast or Youtube video on in the background.

But if we’re being honest, does constantly seeking stimulation and splitting our attention actually offer the quality we want in our lives?

Thatcher Wine wrote a book about "Monotasking". The punchline is when we do one thing at a time we do everything better. It seems counterintuitive because you’d think that doing more would lead to more. But when it comes to creating outcomes, we need to consider quality just as much as we consider quantity.

This became top of mind for me when Best Life Community Changemaker Joan Bucchino shared a story about an experience she had with her brother Jimmy. They were driving in Upstate New York together, very casually, and Joan in the passenger seat was on her phone playfully texting someone. Jimmy, recognizing the opportunity asked her to “Be here now.” 

So Joan responded, put her phone away, became present with her brother and they spent some really quality time together instead.

Sadly, weeks later Joan’s brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer that took his life very quickly. As it turns out, this time in the car was the last time they had a real opportunity to connect. Because she was reminded to be here now, Joan was able to make one last memory with her brother.

There’s so much more dimension to the present moment than we allow ourselves to see. When we choose to be present, to be here now (and not off doing something else or with other thoughts in the back of our minds), we allow the moment to deliver everything it has to offer.

My encouragement to you is - Take a moment to immerse yourself in the here and now, be present with what’s happening around you, or else you might be missing something magical.

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