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December 12, 2019

Be, Do, Give with the Greatness Collective

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Recently, I started working closely with the Greatness Collective, which is all about empowering changemakers by giving them the tools and resources they need to be socially impactful. I really align with their mission statement, "Be, Do, Give, and want to break down each of the Greatness Collective’s pillars one by one".

"Be". Before you can be impactful in the way you help others, you need to realize your own potential by impacting yourself. It’s all about filling up your own bucket before pouring into someone else’s. At it’s core “Be” is personal development. It’s appreciating your own worth and value so that you can apply it in effective ways.

Which leads to the second part, "do". Nothing gets done without action, and sometimes the barriers to enter are a bit beyond your means or outside of your scope. We can start small and build up, and use the resources around you to do more with less.

Last, and the most important, is "give". The truest form of humility is service. In this shared world, it is our responsibility to contribute and one of the most gratifying things you can ever do. Poetically, it all comes full circle, because when you give you receive, which then compounds and allows you to be, do, and give all over again.

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