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April 30, 2021

Be Creative Before You're Reactive

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Our days start when we open our eyes. Some people have morning routines, some people Zombie walk to the bathroom, and some people hit the "Snooze" button. That first decision really does set the tone for your day, and it’s important to get it right. Regardless, when you do get up and start your day, there are a few really unique opportunities you can take advantage of.

One of those opportunities is the idea of being creative before you’re reactive. Once you check your email, check social media, or check your messages you immediately start answering to other people’s lives and no longer can completely live your own. You’re reminded you need to update your car registration, you hear some good news from a friend and you want to chat with them about it, your work makes a few requests of you... While all of those things need to be addressed in their own time, the second you’re exposed to them it shifts your mind and you start becoming reactive to their presence.

However, there is a lot of value to being creative every single day, and that ability is diluted when you start answering to other people. You can cut that out by silencing the inputs. Put your phone on silent, and don’t scroll through social media until you’ve taken the time to live in your own world and bring your own ideas to fruition. Without the external stimulation, during exercise you might start brainstorming ideas you can use later to improve the quality of your work. Or since you didn’t see that stress-inducing email, you can sit deeper into a personal meditation routine and align with your values. 

Creativity takes so many forms, and unfortunately we're pulled out of it so often by the pings, dings, and rings of life. Give yourself some time away from that, and make sure you have the opportunity to be creative before you become reactive.

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