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August 8, 2018

Be a Cheerleader

Listen Now:

In this powerful clip, Mel Robbins explains to someone who is struggling to find meaningful relationships how their life would transform if they were to support other people more. Without further adieu lets jump into it.


So, be a cheerleader, and as Mel Robbins explained, it works for obvious reasons in all facets of your life. But, what does that look like from an actionable standpoint?  For starters, ask people about their lives, but that’s an obvious one. Something I like doing is when responding to a direct message, email, or text, talk about them at the beginning of your response before sharing about yourself. And also really important, minimize your complaining. It comes off as a very self-centered act and it doesn’t really make anything better.

Being a cheerleader is a classic way to improve your life by improving others. It comes in many forms, so don’t shy away from trying new things out!

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