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January 17, 2019

Avoid Distractions By Turning Off IPhone "Raise To Wake" Setting

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The theme for my 2019 is to be dialed in. To me, this means to be laser focused and engaged in everything I do. The main way I believe I can achieve this is to eliminate distractions, and for most of us, the largest source of distractions is on our phone.

Try to change your iPhone’s “raise to wake setting”. The raise to wake setting is basically the feature that you don’t need to push a button to have your phone light up, you just need to move it a little bit.  Throughout my day, I find myself picking up my phone to quickly check to see if I have any notifications. As quick as that check is, it significantly interrupts my work flow and any momentum I had working on a task. By changing this setting, it will require more effort to check my notifications, and therefore I think I will do so less, and overall be less distracted.

If you want to change your settings, it will 15 seconds and 3 touches. Open your Settings application, then find and click the “Display and Brightness” section. From there, click off the setting called “Raise to wake”.  

If this works for me, I’ll start exploring other ways to minimize distractions through my phone, and will proudly report back other opportunities for improvement.

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