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September 6, 2022

Are You Willing To Sacrifice Who You Are For Who You Could Be?

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A lot of people get hung up on this one thing in their personal development. They fear that they’re going to lose touch with who they are now when they become someone else. They fear that fundamentally they’re going to change who they are and that seems like too steep of a cost. What does that mean for your relationships? How will that change your interests and what you do on a daily basis? How will that conflict with commitments you’ve already made?

The presumed fear prevents people from really stepping up in their life. It’s the uncertain, unpredictable future that keeps people tolerating the present. Kind of like the devil you know and the devil you don’t, we’re designed to prefer that which is familiar because we feel emotionally prepared for it.

But the truth is, change is unavoidable. As a human being, you are designed to be dynamic - To evolve, to learn, and to change. Whether you resist it or not, change will happen to you. You aren’t meant to be the same person forever, and you can guide the direction of that change to move toward the life you always envisioned. 

Now don’t mistake this for meaning that you’re not ‘good enough’. You are perfect exactly how you are. You are exactly where you’re meant to be. You are complete, and amazing! But again you aren’t supposed to be there forever, circumstances will change, your life will evolve, and it’s just a matter of how.

Now if you can see around the corner and be proactive about your growth, that’s when you really start to get things to work for you. But the perception is that it comes at the cost of your current self. So the question that comes up is, “Are you willing to sacrifice who you are for who you could be?”

Really think about this. It might make you feel a little anxious. The language in the question is strong for a reason. It honors the emotional, deep roots you have grown to maintain things how they are. But that’s the point - Either you’re on the leading edge of your personal evolution, feeling like you’re leaving your former self-behind, or you are unconscious and out of touch with the changes that you ultimately experience.

 Are you willing to sacrifice who you are for who you could be?

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