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October 27, 2023

Are You Actually Challenging Yourself?

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For years I was telling myself that I was challenging myself when looking back at it, I actually wasn’t. I was doing all of the things I thought I should do to realize my dreams and ambitions - reading books, listening to podcasts, seeking new perspectives - but all I was doing was going through the motions on a daily basis and complaining that things weren’t changing in my life.

I don’t look back at that version of myself with regret or embarrassment, I was doing my best with the level of knowledge I had at the time. But if I’m being honest with myself, I do envy how much further along I’d be in my growth journey had I known this sooner.

And here it is…

If we don’t take control of our minds, they are designed to hold us back. This is important to understand because this is the unconscious force that most prevents us from making progress in our lives. But when you are aware of this unconscious bias, you free yourself from its power over you.

Maybe you’ve heard this before - You can’t improve what you don’t measure. What people don’t realize about this is that we always have a measurement system working at all times. The measuring system that you’ve been using, without your awareness, are the experiences and beliefs of your unconscious mind. It’s through these beliefs and mental models that you evaluate your daily performance through.

But if our goal is to reach our potential, this measuring system sets us up to fall short. Yet it’s the default setting and that’s why so many people feel like they’re not getting the results they deserve and becoming the person they know they can be. 

Our unconscious mind keeps us in our comfort zone and causes us to negotiate with ourselves, make excuses, or break commitments that are different from how things currently are. In other words this is our current self sabotaging the potential of our future self.

In my case, my unconscious mind was convincing me that I was challenging myself with the things I was doing and trying. But that was just a rationalization from the previous belief system protecting me from actually challenging myself with new and bolder actions.

But we are not forever held back by this. The one thing that defeats the unconscious pattern is using the conscious mind and the intentional choices we have the power to make in every moment of every day.

Here’s the actionable piece. Instead of letting your unconscious mind be the measuring stick of your progress, you can implement an intentional, hyper-aware measuring system that gives you the truth of the things your mind has been refusing to see. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your life operating system so that you can supercharge your growth, it takes only 21 days to completely revamp your trajectory and put yourself on the path to being truly successful.

How? Work with me step-by-step to install the Super Habits System. All I want is to help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made so that you can really see what you’re capable of!


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