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August 10, 2022

Act Before You're Ready

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Are you the type of person that fearlessly steps into new things, or are you someone who is more careful about what you get involved in? If you identify more with the latter, you’re going to want to pay extra attention to this. If you want to really start changing your life, you’re going to need to act before you’re ready.

I’m not suggesting that you act recklessly, or without intentionality. In fact this is a more calculated and intentional approach. This is because it puts things in action. You cannot wait for things to be perfect or ready because either the day will never come or you will have waited too long and put yourself too far behind. 

The reality is, the only way to truly put finishing touches on something, and make those final tweaks, is to step into the environment and see how it does. You will never get things completely right the first time, so why is that the expectation? What’s more valuable is taking action, getting started, and integrating the feedback you receive to improve your process.

The most successful people in the world take action with the least amount of knowledge. Do you know why? Because they understand how this works, and they’re willing to expose themselves to failure or disappointment if it means that they’ll accelerate their progress.

So maybe that’s what it is for you. Maybe you want things to be perfect before taking action because you’re afraid of what it says about you if you fail. Because it will highlight how you’re not smart enough or good enough. But that can all be embraced with an intention. Instead of being so attached to the outcome, embrace a learner's mindset and see how you can improve things. It changes the meaning of failure. And trust me, you’ll start to figure it out once you get going, so don’t let fear get in the way of you even having a chance to succeed.

So think about this - What do you want to do but you don’t feel ready for it? Hopefully by now you understand the only way to get ready is to get started.

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